Kingdom of Happiness

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Jiddu Krishnamurti 1927
  • Preface
  • I. The Voice of Intuition
  • II. Interest and Enthusiasm
  • III. Personality
  • IV. The Temple of the Heart
  • V. The River and the Ocean
  • VI. The Value of Experience
  • VII. In the Company of Great Men
  • VIII. Mind, the Creator
  • IX. The Altar of the World
  • X. Sacrifice at the Altar
  • XI. The Enchanted Garden
  • XII. The Eternal Companion
The first publication of talks given by Jiddu Krishnamurti, a uniquely original thinker of the 20th century. Selected as a boy by leaders of the Theosophical Society to become the next messianic World Teacher, Krishnamurti, a South Indian Brahmin, was groomed and educated in England and an organization, the 'Order of the Star of the East,' was established in 1911 to prepare him and the public for this role. When he had apparently manifested as the World Teacher, the organization became simply the 'Order of the Star' in 1927, based in Ommen, the Netherlands and Krishnamurti was its head.

This book is a collection of talks given at Eerde Castle in Ommen to members of the order on the nature of a so called "Kingdom of Happiness" and what it takes to realize. Much of the language is steeped in metaphor and spiritual terminology which contrasts the bulk of Krishnimuti's talks and writing over a sixty year period, possibly owing to the audience and appeasement to expectations. In fact, as Krishnamurti could not reconcile his core beliefs to the very organization itself, he completely disbanded it in 1929, returning all donations and becoming an independent speaker and writer.

Nevertheless, for the careful listener digging below the surface, many of Krishamurti's insights that remained consistent throughout his life are evident here. "Truth is a pathless land." - Summary by Scot Smith

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