Weird Tales Presents: Asylum Atrocities

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Various 1927
  • The Bloodstained Parasol by James Ravenscroft
  • Case No. 27 by Mollie Frank Ellis
  • The House, the Light, and the Man by Gordon Philip England
  • Carved in the Flesh by Tom Rawson Hilbourn
  • Odd Facts About Insanity
  • The House of Fear by Albert Seymour Graham
  • The Lip by Arthur Styron
  • A Mind in Shadow by Tessida Swinges
  • The Phantom Drug by A. W. Kapfer
  • The Confession of a Madman by James Cocks
  • Nerve by Charles Frederick Stansbury
  • Neurotic Women Have Queer Mania
  • The White Scar by Nellie Cravey Gillmore
  • Two Hours of Death by E. Thayles Emmons
  • White Orchids by Gordon Philip England
  • The Black Box by H. Thompson Rich
  • The Tortoise Shell Comb by Roylston Markham
  • A Square of Canvas by Anthony M. Rud
Let's all hope that madness isn't catching because we have here for your pleasure a veritable buffet of items of insanity, terror tales of the twisted sort to put you in the mindset of that of the gibbering lunatic, sequestered away in an asylum where they can no longer do harm to themselves or anyone else... Or at least... That's what they WANT you to think! Those mental madmen at Weird Tales magazine have concocted a host of horrible horrors for you to wrap your brain around. Slip into a straitjacket and stop by these padded rooms of your nightmares! - Summary by Ben Tucker

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